Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Independence is Imminent

It is difficult for me to face, but my Princess is getting older and is asserting her independence, among other things, daily.

Mom! These don't match!

Is this right, Mommy?


Almost there!

Mission accomplished!

I'm exhausted! Give me my nukie!

The Men vs. The Boys

Dad and Isaiah, the opponents

Dad whiffed the jump ball

At the end of the basketball season at St. Paul's, the players face off with the parents, or in this case, it was the dads. Steve and Isaiah enjoyed a memorable evening of basketball together with the other players and Dads. BTW, the dads won:). All the families closed out the season by enjoying some pizza and cake in the fellowship hall.

Happy 8th Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish, Benny

That's one delicious brownie!

Can you make your eyes a little bigger?

We love our silly boy:)

Monday, February 16th, marked the 8th birthday of our handsome, hilarious, humorous middle child, Ben. He is such a blessing to our family and is always looking for a way to make us laugh. We are so thankful to our Lord and Savior for the 8 years He has granted us with him and we look forward to many more. I love you, my sweet boy!

Our Annual Domes Trip

Elsi, Ben and Isaiah in the Tropical Dome

Grandma Dorothy showing Ben the goldfish in the pond

Elsi sees the goldfish too!

Isaiah, Ben and Elsi looking at the trains.

Strolling with Grandma:)

Ben, Elsi and Isaiah

The month of February always marks a fun day for the Scheuer family and my mom. The boys have one Monday in February off of school and I take a personal day and we spend the day at the Mitchell Park Domes marveling at the train show they have every year in the show dome. We end our time together by Mom treating us to lunch at Old Country Buffet, a favorite restaurant of my boys (and me). We always have such a great time and the kids really enjoy the chance to spend time with Grandma Dorothy.

Daddy's Princess....?

While Elsiana is usually adorable and entirely well-behaved, ahem, she does have her moments. She can really turn on the waterworks for her daddy. No not to be misleading, he doesn't always give in to her tears, but she sure works him good:).