Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Few Days of Vacation

Isaiah with the frog, yet again:)

Look, Cousin Brett, a frog!

Brett, Isaiah and Ben on Devil's Island

Grandpa Bill with the only catch of the day

We finished out our vacation by enjoying some time on the pontoon boat on Saturday. The kids climbed up Devil's Island and Grandpa Bill did some fishing. It was a really great way to enjoy some of the later days of summer. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to get away to and great family to enjoy it with. Thank you Lord!

What happens when...

you leave three young boys alone (for a short while) with a fire?
Ben and Cousin Brett getting the fire ready while
Isaiah takes a picture

Ben and Isaiah "supervising" the fire while
Cousin Brett takes a picture

The three boys think it would be a good idea to add a
HUGE piece of cardboard to the fire

The ginormous fire!

Grandpa Bill, Grandma Bobbie and Cousin Brett joined us for the latter part of our time at the cabin (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Steve and I were able to enjoy some time out for dinner while they watched all four kids for us (God bless them!). They built a fire and the boys decided to "enhance" it a bit with their own additives and then take pictures (or "evidence" as I like to call it). Luckily no one was hurt and the fire didn't get too out of control. We gave the boys a stern talking to about the dangers of fire, so hopefully this incident won't be repeated!

Time at the Cabin

Our "new" pontoon boat

Mom and Ben building a fire

Ben, Isaiah and Elsiana standing on the shores of Lake Castle Rock

Isaiah and Ben with the frog (again!)

Elsiana driving the boat

Dad, Isaiah and Ben on "Devil's Island" on Lake Castle Rock

After leaving Rhinelander on Monday, we headed to the cabin for the rest of the week. The weather wasn't very favorable, but we were able to enjoy some quality time together at the cabin. We picked up a pontoon boat on Monday that Steve is going to refurbish. Even in its dilapidated condition, it is still a beautiful ride on the water! I love it! The sunshine came out on Thursday, so we took the boat out on Lake Castle Rock and found a small "island" that the boys could climb up on. They really liked it. Ben thought it was kind of like "National Treasure". He has such an imagination!

Rhineland Family Weekend

Elsiana sharing time with Uncle Jim

Grandma Bobbie holding Elsiana still for a picture:)

Grandpa Bill helping Elsiana enjoy Kate's birthday cake

Rock Star Elsiana!

Ben and Kate enjoying time in the water at Rhinelander

Grandma Bobbie and Elsiana ready for a boat ride

The second weekend in August is always the "Scheuer Family Weekend" in Rhinelander. This year Uncle Jim, Aunt Fatime and Cousins Brett, Logan and Katherine, our family and Grandpa Bill and Grandma Bobbie were those who were able to come up to Rhinelander. Uncle John and Aunt Gina are the most gracious hosts that live in Rhinelander and allow us to invade their house for the extended weekend:). We bring up our boat and jet skis and spend a couple of days on the lake up there. It's such a great time to get together and spend time with most of the family. We are so blessed to have such a loving family!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Summer Fun:)

Elsiana enjoying splashing in Lake Petenwell

Ben, Logan and Isaiah climbing the sand dunes

This past weekend we spent time up at our cabin with our nephew, Logan. He was great fun to have along for our boys. They enjoyed spending time in the water at Lake Petenwell. Logan, not being a huge fan of the boat, was a trooper, when the boat almost tipped over after I beached it. Thankfully, God watched over all of us, and no one was hurt. We had a wonderful weekend!

God's Creation

"Cappy" the caterpillar

Voila! "Cappy" the butterfly!

We had the incredible opportunity this summer to witness the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. The entire process took 27 days and was so awesome to watch. We even got to see the butterfly emerge from the cocoon. What an amazing God we have!