Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's go Warriors! Let's go!

This school year, our 5th grader, Isaiah, is participating in B-team basketball. He is doing a great job and has learned a lot from his three coaches.

Anxiously waiting for a pass

Here it comes Danny!

Moving in to "the lane"

Playing defense

We are so proud of how well he has done this season. His team took Consolation Champions at the tournament this past weekend.

Way to go, Isaiah!

P.S. Warriors is the name of our school's team:)


Atticus said...

Great Blog. Very interesting

Greetings from Spain

Sara said...

Heather I love the new picture of you 2, it is so sweet:) I WILL email you something to put in the newsletter or bullitin. My mind is mush, the thought comes and then leaves too quickly. Sorry! The kids loved seeing the pictures of Isaiah.