Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uncle Neil & Aunt Avis's

Our time at Uncle Neil and Aunt Avis's was wonderful as well. It was sort of a sad time for them as their entire crop for this season had been hailed out just a week before we arrived. They were still in very good spirits and we had a wonderful time there. They have a beautiful home and some very big tractors! I look forward to seeing them again in a couple of years.
Dancing with Aunt Avis

That's one big tractor wheel!

It's even as tall as Isaiah!

The three sisters: Avis, Betty and Mom

Playing Barrel of Monkeys with Uncle Neil

Snuggling with Aunt Betty

Rough housing with Daddy

Yay! More music with Uncle Darold

The four siblings: Uncle Darold, Mom, Aunt Betty and Aunt Avis

Benny dancing with Aunt Avis

Tearful good-byes

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