Friday, October 1, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

A few weekends ago, we had our time at the cabin with our best friends, the Tiedtke's. The weather wasn't warm enough or calm enough to take the boat out on the lake, but we had a fantastic weekend anyway. It's friends like the Tiedtke's that you can have fun with, no matter what you are doing. We love you guys!

Noah helping take down some dead trees at our cabin.

Go-Kart fun:)

April & Elsi

Drew and Noah introduced the Scheuer family to a Boy Scout tradition that Drew did when he was a young boy--Tree Tipping. When you go through a forest, you look for a tree that looks like it is dead. Then, you proceed to rock it back and forth until its roots come out of the ground and hopefully doesn't hit any innocent bystander. (See Noah's illustration below.)

I'm not sure what the fine is for "Tree Tipping" in a state park, but I'm hoping I don't find out. April and I made sure we were far ahead of the criminals so that we could make a break for it if any park rangers came by;).

Drew and Steve's turn.

Drew...this log looks slippery!

Dad...this is how it's done!

April on caffeine. Elsi, being Elsi:)

Happy Noah...Bored Noah...Bi-Polar Drew

How many crazy people can you cram on a loveseat?

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