Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rhineland Family Weekend

Elsiana sharing time with Uncle Jim

Grandma Bobbie holding Elsiana still for a picture:)

Grandpa Bill helping Elsiana enjoy Kate's birthday cake

Rock Star Elsiana!

Ben and Kate enjoying time in the water at Rhinelander

Grandma Bobbie and Elsiana ready for a boat ride

The second weekend in August is always the "Scheuer Family Weekend" in Rhinelander. This year Uncle Jim, Aunt Fatime and Cousins Brett, Logan and Katherine, our family and Grandpa Bill and Grandma Bobbie were those who were able to come up to Rhinelander. Uncle John and Aunt Gina are the most gracious hosts that live in Rhinelander and allow us to invade their house for the extended weekend:). We bring up our boat and jet skis and spend a couple of days on the lake up there. It's such a great time to get together and spend time with most of the family. We are so blessed to have such a loving family!

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