Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time at the Cabin

Our "new" pontoon boat

Mom and Ben building a fire

Ben, Isaiah and Elsiana standing on the shores of Lake Castle Rock

Isaiah and Ben with the frog (again!)

Elsiana driving the boat

Dad, Isaiah and Ben on "Devil's Island" on Lake Castle Rock

After leaving Rhinelander on Monday, we headed to the cabin for the rest of the week. The weather wasn't very favorable, but we were able to enjoy some quality time together at the cabin. We picked up a pontoon boat on Monday that Steve is going to refurbish. Even in its dilapidated condition, it is still a beautiful ride on the water! I love it! The sunshine came out on Thursday, so we took the boat out on Lake Castle Rock and found a small "island" that the boys could climb up on. They really liked it. Ben thought it was kind of like "National Treasure". He has such an imagination!

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