Friday, June 5, 2009

Jumping for Joy!

These two...

are literally...




Today was the last day of school! I won't be so cruel as to remind them that summer school starts in 2 short weeks:). No, really, they enjoy summer school, because I let them take fun classes that involve Legos, swamp rats, math facts and chess.

Summer is fast-approaching and ours is about as packed as can be. We have countless weekends at the cabin to spend time on boats and jetskis, a two week trip to the Dakotas to visit family first (in North Dakota) and then sightseeing (in South Dakota), fishing with Grandpa Bill, waterpark with Grandma Dorothy and lots of other fun things. I am thrilled that summer is almost here. Well, if you ask my boys, they'll tell you, it's here!

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