Wednesday, June 24, 2009

life's a day at the beach

Well, at least yesterday evening was a night at the beach. You know what I mean:). The temperature gauges in Oconomowoc yesterday read 99 degrees, so the kids and I decided it was time to find some water and have some fun. Steve was visiting with a good friend of his from high school, so I packed up the kids after work, grabbed a Little Caesar's pizza and headed out to Ottawa State Park. You may recall this park as my nemesis campground from this post. However, I had nothing to fear, since I would not be actually spending the night this time:). Elsi was originally very adamant about not going in the water, but once I dragged her in kicking and screaming, she really anjoyed it!

Enjoying dinner

Can he ever make a serious face:)?

Water football

Elsi practicing her "swimming"

Sibling love

God's precious gifts:)

Wrapping up to go home

We had such a great time and it was nice to create some special memories with my kids. Sometime's our lives are so busy, we really have to work at making time for these days:).

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Sara said...

Wishing we were there with you. 99 sounds pretty good with our 105...Yikes, what is this northern girl doing in this heat??? Wow, I can't believe 99 in Wisconsin, that is crazy. Heather, I love my photo book. You are so incredibly thoughtful and kind. Thank you so much. I think we will be up in early August. This time we WILL come into the office, or we could meet for coffee or tea or something. I know Greg would like to see you too. Blessings on your summer. Stay cool!