Monday, March 11, 2013

A Stewardship Journey (continued)

Below are the events that unfolded, starting with a total God thing a couple of days prior to Steve being let go from Saturn back in January 2010:).

Monday, January 4th

Steve is at work and an insurance adjuster he hasn't dealt with in over a year comes in for business. She asks him how Saturn is doing and if his job is secure. He assures her that it is. She tells him that if anything changes, to give her a call and she will see what she can do for him.

Thursday, January 7th

Steve begins networking and applies for unemployment. He calls almost anyone and everyone he can think of who has connections in the industry that may have a lead for a job. He starts with the insurance adjuster that he spoke with on Monday. She returns his call and has an interview set up for him--no resume, no application, just based on his good name.

Friday, January 8th

Steve goes for to interview with ABRA Auto Body and Glass. They ask him to come back for an assessment test on Tuesday. Seems like a very good company, and we are very hopeful, but realistic. In this economy, who gets a job in just a few days?

Monday, January 11th

More networking. Gets a call from a top guy at an insurance agency and he says he will call the gentleman Steve interviewed with and put in a good word for him.

Tuesday, January 12th

Steve goes for his assessment/interview with ABRA. He is offered a job! They don't actually have a position for him, but they are creating one until the new store opens.

I can remember these events as if they had happened yesterday. To look back and see God's handiwork and incredible faithfulness to us (and all His children) is just amazing. He put that insurance adjuster in Steve's path, just when he needed it. He gave Steve the skills to do the job he did (and does), which enabled him to have the "good name" in the industry and secure a job within a week.

Stewardship is about being stewards of everything, not just time, talents and treasures, but of all the things God has blessed us with. This includes our jobs. As His stewards, we should always be working to His glory, making sure we aren't deliberately abusing the gift of employment that God has given us. I didn't earn my job at St. Paul's, God blessed me with it. Steve didn't earn his job at ABRA, it was a blessing from Him.

To be concluded...

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