Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tent Camping...not for me:)

Our dear friends, the Tiedtke's (who else:)?), invited us to go tent camping with them at Ottawa Lake Park for a fun-filled weekend.

Steve and I camped a few times in a tent, in our pre-children era. We did camp one time with Isaiah when he was about 3 years-old in a tent. We then wised up and bought a pop-up camper. We thoroughly enjoyed our 1981 hard side Apache camper. Ahhh, what fun times we had with that camper. We then moved on to building a cabin near Wisconsin Dells. We decided we no longer needed the pop-up (or so we thought), so we sold it. Well, when we were invited to go tent camping, I thought it would be fun.

Ahem, I stand corrected.

Yesterday (Friday) was beautiful. Drew and April thoughtfully set up our tent for us prior to us arriving with the family. I loaded everything in to Penelope and cruised on over to the campground with the top down. Steve met us there after work. It was a bit breezy, but temperatures were in the 80's. We enjoyed a wonderful time around the campfire (started by Noah), roasting marshmallows and making smores. The adults then did their Friday night Bible study.

Then came bedtime. We had a wonderful air mattress to sleep on, but it's just not the same! My neck hurt, my back hurt, my legs hurt and I was cold. The low was only 62 degrees, but the ground was cold! to mention the gale force winds that were moving through. Elsi was exhausted, tired and crabby.

I woke up Saturday morning around 6:30 am to go for my walk. I was surrounded by swarms of bugs for the majority of my 7.5 miles.

Upon arriving back at the campground, I ate breakfast and then went to shower. While showering, I was serenaded by croaking toads at my feet. Yikes! I then was stuck in the bathroom for a bit (with my toad friends), because a thunderstorm had begun to move through and I didn't care to venture out in the treacherous weather. Steve thoughtfully came to pick me up in the car and both the Tiedtke's and Scheuer's decided it was time to pack up camp and hit the road.

Packing up camp in the rain is no fun. Let me make it crystal clear that Steve did the majority of the packing, I only helped a little. We then left for home.

Noah illustrating how to build a fire without matches!
Noah is an excellent Boy Scout.

Abby sharing her punch balloon with Elsi

Ben & Simon checking out the amenities of the Tiedtke's tent

Noah relaxing in Penelope

Abby, Elsi and Simon blowing bubbles

Elsi and Noah sitting by the campfire

Mr. Tiedtke adding a log to the fire

Isaiah enjoying a smore

Elsi enjoying some plain marshmallows

Camping is exhausting!

That was the longest 17 1/2 hours of my life.

While the company was delightful (as always), tent camping is not for me.

I think next time, we'll invite the Tiedtke's up to the cabin and they can pitch their tent on our septic field and we'll sleep indoors.

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Tiedtke Family said...

Although the weather was aweful, the company of the Scheuer family is always delightful! We love the Scheuer family very much and look forward to a choice camping spot in the septic field. :-)